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From unstructured data scattered across multiple systems to structured information accessible from a single place

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Simplified, cost-effective, and compliant records management

The world has never had better search technology or such low-cost computing power. Yet, organizations spend more time and money than ever managing their documents.

Our modern system-agnostic solution enables both public and private organizations to easily process, preserve, and access their most valuable documents from one single application. Designed as a lightweight solution, Documaster is easily accessible through a Web interface.

Documaster is fully compliant with Norwegian and European record keeping regulations. It is, in fact, the only business process-agnostic Noark 5 solution on the market. Documaster can be easily integrated with any other system and make it Noark 5 compliant.

Documaster helps organizations manage exponentially growing data in five simple steps:


1. Capturing

Captures data from all paper and electronic documents


2. Enhancing

Analyzes document content, enriches metadata, and finds previously unknown relationships between documents


3. Filtering

Filters out unimportant documents


4. Preserving

Preserves valuable documents in the long term


5. Retrieving

Simplifies search, retrieval, and navigation


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