Job title

Decommissioning engineer (databases)

Sofia, Bulgaria

Job description

There are hundreds of legacy business systems out there that are not standards-compliant, do not integrate nicely with modern cloud applications, and are extremely costly for their owners. Our solution to the problem is to migrate the data from those legacy systems into a standardized native cloud product, make the data searchable and easily accessible, and allow the data to be exported via open APIs when necessary.

As a decommissioning engineer you will be researching the data models of various business systems, mapping them to the Documaster data model, converting source documents to an archive format, and importing them along with the corresponding metadata into Documaster. Your work will be supported by a number of tools we have developed in-house and you will be encouraged to suggest improvements to the tools or implement the changes yourself.

Every new system you migrate to Documaster will pose unique challenges. After dealing with a particular system, you will incorporate your research findings into a systems knowledge base to facilitate the future work of the team. You will attend short training courses related to your work from time to time and also pass on your decommissioning know-how to new team members once you feel ready for this.

You will be a good match for the job if you have experience in analyzing the structure of relational databases, writing complex SQL queries, and backing up and restoring databases. Hands-on experience in any of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server is a must. You should also have good working knowledge of Linux and be able to write simple scripts. Having excellent English skills is important too as writing short documentation will be a key part of your job.

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We love seeing motivated and satisfied people in the office every day. If you want to work in a team that constantly challenges you, and the job described here genuinely sparks your interest, you should get in touch with us right away. If you are the right match for our team we will surely offer you a competitive salary. On top of that, we have a stock options plan , a flexible benefits package tailored to your needs, and offer free training and certification programs. There are more goodies but we would like to keep them as pleasant surprises.

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