A system for document management

So, you are telling me I need another system for my documentation?

Lena Riis
28-Jun-2021 12:11:54

Do you have an ever-increasing amount of data and losing track of where you can find documents you know exist somewhere? How come folder structure, Google drive, SharePoint, or Teams is not enough?

In a jungle of systems already used by your company, do you really need another one? Yes, we believe that is exactly the reason why you need a Document Management system. In today's society, all companies produces quantities of electronic documentation (emails, solution descriptions, contracts, technical drawings, project plans, etc.). What is important to take care of, and where should you store it? An intermediate business often uses dozens of software systems to support various business processes, in addition to the Office suite with associated file structure. Some are well on their way to a cloud-based world, where you use Microsoft 365 in the cloud, with SharePoint and Teams. How do you know which system produced the documentation you need, and where do you need to look? 

In a classic file structure (folders), documentation is often stored multiple places and are difficult to find. Folders get problematic when you are dependent on multiple employees self-managing the folder structure and documents/files can belong to several dimensions/ places. For instance, a slide deck can belong to both the customer folder, the presentation folder, the project folder, and so on. Finding documents in these circumstances can be very time-consuming, if even possible. 

The ongoing, Covid 19 pandemic, has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and forced all companies and organizations to become more digital in their collaboration. It is not unusual that after a brief time in a medium-sized company, there are hundreds of Teams rooms with associated documentation. Is it enough to store the documentation for your company in folders, in team rooms, or your CRM? These systems are all excellent for collaboration, but are they excellent for documentation management? In our opinion, no, and here´s why. 

Documaster was created because we believe it is essential to assess what is critical documentation in your company. (Here you can read more about how to do this) Once you have done so, you should store it in a secure system that ensures compliance, easy access, and retrieval. What do you do if you have an audit or a legal dispute arises, where you need documentation? A good document management system will help you in these situations. We have focused on creating a system that is not overloaded with unnecessary functionalities - A place where you can easily find the right version of a contract, completed tenders, latest annual report, personnel contracts, technical documentation, and more. 

With Documaster, it is enough to tag the document with relevant context, so that you can easily find your way back to the document across projects, customers, etc. using filters. You must see it to understand how easy and clever it is. On top of this, we index all stored documents so you can search thousands of documents for specific information with high precision.  

Documents can be stored automatically in Documaster using integrations with /to systems you already use, or you can drag-and-drop into Documaster. If you have documentation hidden away in old/legacy systems, we can migrate them into Documaster. We can also help you get rid of paper-based archives once and for all. 

By taking control of what is important documentation and deciding on a master where it can be found, you have come a long way. The next step is to make sure the system is easy to use and has the necessary functionality for access control.  

Curious? Have a chat with us. We are passionate about documentation and eager to talk to you about how you can solve these challenges in your company. Document management does not have to be expensive or complicated, but some choices must be made about what is most important to have control over - then we will organize the rest. 

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