10 easy steps to set up a new office... or at least how we did it

Georgi Vasilev 30-Jan-2018 10:27:04


It was in the middle of April when we gathered to discuss the need of a new office. We were 12 people situated in 3 apartments, yet it was a matter of time till we reached the capacity level that we’ve set – 17.

Fast forward to the middle of October - we were ready to move to a 600m2 floor in a proper office building. If I have to sum up the experience, I would come to these 10 steps:


{female developer?}

Silvia Tzeneva Silvia Tzeneva 14-Jul-2017 13:57:18

I am at home, browsing the internet. I read that George Clooney has been cast for the Wonder Woman role. I start to realize I am part of a minority here, struggling to get what I deserve in a biased world...


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