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Senior Java developer

Sofia, Bulgaria

Job description

As a Documaster developer, you will learn the intricacies of modern electronic records management and see how challenging it is to create great software that is also standards-compliant. Your key goal will be to make it easy for private and public sector organizations to storeorganize, and retrieve their most valuable documents from Documaster. 

As a Java developer, you will be developing new functionality in our records management system, data orchestration platform, and document processing serverall of which are based on open-source technology and run on Linux. 

You will do data modeling while working with PostgreSQL and MongoDB, and will learn to overcome the limitations of object-relational mapping frameworks when using Hibernate. Having to think about multiple threads executing the same code at the same time will become a part of your daily routine. This will be extremely valuable when you start improving the code that indexes documents and metadata in Solr, the code that OCRs documents with Tesseract and converts them to PDF/A, the code that generates previews of various file formats, or the code that exports terabytes of data from the records management system and needs to do so efficiently. 

As a part of our team, you will also be designing and documenting web services, always considering their future use and backwards compatibility when a change is required. You will be writing unit and integration tests and configuring Bamboo build jobs to create Maven artifacts and push them to an artifact repository when a build completes successfully. 

You will be using Git to squash and reword commits, merge and rebase branches, and handle releases, bugfixes and hotfixes. You will do code reviews and have your code reviewed. 

Once you feel comfortable with the above, you will have the opportunity to occasionally tear off pieces of the software to refactor or rewrite them. The goal will be to make the software better while keeping the codebase small and easy to maintain. 

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We love seeing motivated and satisfied people every day. If you want to work in a team that constantly challenges you, and the job described here genuinely sparks your interest, you should get in touch with us right away. We will surely offer you a competitive salary if you are the right match for our team. On top of that, we have a stock options plan, a flexible benefits package tailored to your needs, and offer free training and certification programs. There are more goodies but we would like to keep them as pleasant surprises.

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