A simple, powerful way to manage your documents

Every business – no matter the scale, industry, or geography – needs somewhere safe to keep their most valuable information. Documaster provides just that, while also offering smart functionality to encourage the reuse of that information in the future when it's needed most.

Documaster is for data you simply can’t lose. Think contracts, HR files, technical documents, deliverables, case files, business plans – you name it.

Documaster: Simple. Smart. Secure.


All your important
information in one place

A secure, stand-alone storage solution for your files that integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use

All your important documents in one place(f)

Storing important documents is a breeze

Drag and drop your documents into the Documaster and they'll be tagged and organised automatically

store important docs(f2)

Find what you need in the blink of an eye

Designed to be incredibly easy to use while delivering lightning-fast search results

find stuff in a wink(f)

A new kind of
metadata technology

A simple yet extremely powerful new way of labelling documents makes tracking down the needle in the haystack a cinch

a new kind of metadata(f)

Never miss a beat 

Smart notifications help you stay organised and compliant, reminding you to update expiring contracts, delete personal data in line with GDPR regulations, and much more

dont miss a beat(f)

Secured and hardened
by experts

Certified and tested security that's trusted by the most demanding customers in health care, shipping and more

Secured and hardened(f)