Clarity and control over every contract

Find a simpler path to full contract visibility 

Although up to 80% of business transactions are governed by contracts, many organizations still lack a straightforward solution for maintaining a clear overview. From increased risk exposure to workflow inefficiencies, this lack of control can often lead to costly errors. But it is possible to maintain clarity and take control of every contract in your organization, with a single, simple-to-use, and seamless solution from Documaster: it’s one repository for every contract. Finally, a simple way to get control of all your contracts. Simply sign, collect, and store.

One of the key benefits of having transparent oversight over your enterprise’s contracts is that it’s much easier to stay on top of contract renewals and expiries. 

Documaster automatically scans contracts for important future dates, such as renewals, seamlessly integrating with your preferred messaging apps to automatically send alerts. 

Not only do you have time to react, you’ll never miss a contract expiry or renewal again. 

A powerful and intuitive tool for contract hygiene, security, and compliance

With the ability to view contracts in the context of their contract families, you can resolve queries faster, reduce risk, and increase compliance. 

After all, it’s easier to stay compliant when you have a clear overview of your future cashflow and contractual obligations.

Access controls mean contracts can only be seen by those with the correct authorization, plus signatures are obtained remotely and security –  no printing required.

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