Torrecom has chosen Documaster

by Lena Riis, on Jul 13, 2021 10:17:05 AM

Torrecom has chosen Documaster to handle their documentation in one secure and easy to use cloud document storage solution for all their opcos. Torrecom has also selected Documaster to take advantage of workflow, and checklist capabilities, and in which Torrecom can even ensure that sub-contractors provide Torrecom with required documentation in an efficient and structured way for search and retrieval.

Torrecom believes that in our business “steel is as good as the paper, and the paper is as good as steel”. Documaster has been contracted to modernize our document management, providing critical content search and discovery, an essential part of any due diligence for asset purchases and management.  Documaster will be implemented in July of 2021.”

Says Maria Scotti, CEO Torrecom

From this solution, Torrecom will have several new benefits:

  • All organizational and operational documentation will be centralized.
  • Documentation will be easier and faster for users to find.
  • Documentation will be easier and faster for users to upload.
  • Sub-contractors and customers may be given access by Torrecom, to certain applicable documents under advanced access control.
  • Documentation will be secured and private.
  • Documentation will be stored with full OCR searchability.

Documaster will be integrated with Red Cube - Tarantula for site portfolio, asset, and project management in which Documaster will be the repository integrated through an API developed and maintained by Documaster. Torrecom has also requested Documaster to develop and maintain an API with Torrecom´s Microsoft 365 email and Teams. Other integrations will be evaluated along the remainder of 2021.

Mats Vilander, SVP Global in Documaster, concludes that Torrecom over the years has realized the need for digitalization by implementing robust and current systems and this continues to be a global trend in where Tower Companies are taking active decisions to manage all documents throughout their organizations for easier access, control and search along with added integration. We are thrilled and honoured that Torrecom has selected Documaster for their future growth.



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