Welcome onboard, Mats!

by Lena Riis, on Dec 15, 2020 12:49:46 PM

Documaster is thrilled to announce that Mats Vilander has joined us as senior vice president Telecom. Mats will lead all commercials in the Telecom industry and accelerate global growth for Documaster. He brings in more than 20 years of experience from the global telecom/technology industry with building global businesses in wireless infrastructure, channels in digital SaaS and PaaS with automation, monetization and transformation of the wireless network operators/Tower Cos. Mats has a strong network in the telecom/wireless industry in the telecom technology industry from senior roles at Ericsson, PwC, ZTE Corp and Private Equity companies and recently had a role at Sitetracker, a Salesforce company.

Mats lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his family, but will lead the global build out for Documaster.

  • We look forward to working with Mats, and strongly believe we will benefit from his skill
  • Mats will complement the skillset of his teammates, and help our organisation grow in telecom industry.

I am very excited to start at Documaster in this exciting time of digitalization of the Telecom industry. Documaster has a very strong and proven Enterprise Document Management solution and has been very successful in a range of different verticals with use cases such as smart contracts, full search and retrieve over a range of different document types. The use case for Telecom follows a huge need to get all documents on infra, projects, assets, sites, managing leasing contracts which addresses both an MNO and a Tower Co need. The fact that Documaster does not replace any system, it complements existing infrastructure and through open APIs connects to all workflow tools, asset management and inventory management and Microsoft 365 applications makes it a very strong value proposition."


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