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Case studies of some of our partnerships

Canon & Documaster

Canon and Documaster have established a strategic partnership to strengthen Canon's position in the the public sector with a Noark 5 compliant archive solution from Documaster.

Canon Business & Information services delivers software solutions and services to manage information in a safe and secure manner. Through digitization and automation we streamline company processes, allowing for more effecient use of company resources, reducing costs, creating growth and competetive advantage.

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IST & Documaster for Oslo Kommune

The municipality of Oslo (Oslo Kommune) in Norway has been using Hypernet®, a school and preschool administrative system built by IST.

IST is one of the largest suppliers of IT solutions for education providers in the Nordic region whose client list includes more than 400 local authorities.

To meet the needs of Oslo Kommune for Noark 5 compliance, IST has partnered with Documaster and is currently integrating our solution with its in-house administrative system.

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HK data & Documaster

HK data is a Norwegian company specialized in developing software solutions for the educational, welfare, and healthcare sectors in Norway.

HK oppvekst, one of HK data’s flagship solutions, is Norway’s most popular management solution for educational and psychological services — what is referred to as Pedagogisk Psykologisk Tjeneste (PPT) in Norway. HK oppvekst is used by over fifty percent of the municipalities in Norway.

HK data is currently integrating HK oppvekst with Documaster to provide the solution with Noark 5 compliance capabilities.

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Agrando & Documaster

Agrando and Documaster entered a partnership allowing Noark 5 compliance for new and existing customers of the LabOra product family.

Agrando develops software specifically for churches and congregations. They are the largest supplier within its industry in Scandinavia and offer a wide spectrum of software and services, including the LabOra product family.

The company was founded in Forsand, Norway 1994 as Duplo Data. Today their head office is in Sandnes, Norway along with offices in Sweden, Finland and Sri Lanka

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Netpublicator & Documaster

Netpublicator® is a full-fledged solution that helps employees run productive meetings. The solution allows meeting attendees to share documents electronically through portable reading devices, computers, and smartphones. The meeting’s agenda, reading materials, and bookmarks are easily accessible and manageable through a Web portal.

Netpublicator is now integrated with Documaster so that any organization that has records stored in Documaster can easily share these records through Netpublicator.

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