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Documentation made simple

Unlock the power of your collective knowledge
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All your important information in one place

Documaster makes it easy to tag, store and find documentation. Use cases range from managing contracts  to controlling all technical documentation of an offshore platform.

Storing important documents is a breeze

Find what you need in the blink of an eye. Documaster is designed to be incredibly easy to use while delivering lightning-fast search results. A simple yet extremely powerful new way of labelling documents makes tracking down the needle in the haystack a cinch. We help businesses structure and tag documentation that is important, like personell files, contracts, or technical documentation.



Easily restrict access to only those that should have it. Rest assured Documaster comes with the highest level of security for storing sensitive information.

Keep existing tools

Integrate Documaster with existing business systems to get a next generation tool for organizing documentation, while continue using what you have.

Stay organized

Documaster has a simple yet powerful classification model developed by classification experts with the sole purpose of organizing documentation better than what's possible with e.g. simple folder systems.

Capture emails

Use Documaster addins to store important emails regarding a site, directly from Outlook with a single click.

Version control

Version control, and fast, easy access ensures engineers are basing their decisions on the correct information.

Historic data

Don’t worry about your existing data when switching to Documaster: Let our migration team move the historical data into Documaster.

Get organized.

It is easier when all your documentation is under control. Contact us for demo.