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No records left behind. Through plug-ins Documaster auto-capture ALL critical business records no matter where they are created or stored.

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Simplified, cost-effective, and compliant records management

The world has never had better search technology or such low-cost computing power. Yet organizations spend more time and money than ever managing their documents.

Our modern system-agnostic solution enables both public and private organizations to easily process, preserve, and access their most valuable documents from one single application. Designed as a lightweight solution, Documaster is easily accessible through a Web interface.

Documaster is fully compliant with Norwegian and European record keeping regulations. Documaster can be easily integrated with any other system and make it compliant.

Documaster helps organizations manage exponentially growing data in five simple steps:


1. Capture

At Documaster we believe in enabling compliance where information lives, providing solutions for digitizing paper-based documents, consolidating legacy systems and by providing plugins for all major applications and business systems.

Documaster Digitization

Efficient modules for scanning and OCR processing of paper documents – including technical document archives

Documaster Decommissioning

Decommissioning, consolidation and revitalization of retired business systems to reduce cost and enable easy access and long term preservation

Documaster Plug-ins

Pervasive modules to simplify and speed up workflows and enable access to business critical information


2. Organize

Machine learning and NLP automates key steps and processes, significantly reducing the possibility of human errors.

What is a ‘record’?

Documaster plug-ins will automatically scan for ‘records’ and when i.e. a document has been identified, present a pop-up window asking the user to confirm auto-generated tags

Document classification

Supervised auto-classification, categorization and tagging presents the user with recommended values

Retention and information policies

Managers create policies for the review, preservation or disposal of records


3. Preserve

Documaster is designed to comply with any standard, policy or regulation enabling compliance with mandates, retention policies and e-discovery requests.


Documaster is designed to support any archiving standard such as DOD, MoReq or Noark5 complying with manual or automatic classifications


Our archiving kernel is designed to support Case Management Systems and their various requirements for process and version controls


All records are automatically converted to PDF/A for long term preservation


4. Access

From simple search to advanced reporting, documents are always available from desktops or mobile devices, through dedicated applications or pervasive application plug-ins.


Documaster’s cloud services make it very easy to enable secure mobile access to business critical information

Search & Lookup

Perform topical research in our dedicated application or just simple lookups using our plug-ins


From e-discovery to deletion, managers have a wide variety of powerful access and reporting tools at their disposal


5. Control

Compliance specific dashboards provides key insights, highlights important trends and archive management capabilities.

Document lifecycle

Monitor and Manage policy driven document life-spans. Handle exceptions and manually verify document EOLs

Underlying trends

Continuously learn about the value of your business records through advanced NLP and access control statistics you can track growth, usage and trends by topic, category or entity

Business intelligence

Manage compliance-related business risks


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