1st job, 365th day of fun and personal growth

1st job, 365th day of fun and personal growth

10-Mar-2020 15:17:06

It’s been a little more than a year since I started working at Documaster as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. My team at the time wasn’t that big. There were only 4 of us, but we made noise enough for 20, and now, a year and a few months later, we are 7 people.

The most striking thing about our team is our sense of humor. There is no day without laughter and fun. Our team is famous for our Flamingo named Djendi, our creative wall full of “important” information, and last but not least – our “problems”. Problems, which surprisingly, some people consider addictions. Addictions to Chocolate, Cakes, Coke and junk food in general, but the important thing is that… WE CAN STOP WHENEVER WE WANT!20200309_142148

Generally, the environment in the office is amazing, but let’s talk about work.

I have been working in Documaster for 1 year and a few months now. I must mention that this is my first job. For the time spent here, I’ve learned a lot and it’s not because of me necessarily, but because of the people here. From the beginning until now everyone has always been willing to help me. Usually people help right away, but sometimes we need to schedule a meeting if the problem is bigger. This is what I call teamwork.20200309_142220

The beginning was very hard for me because I felt uncomfortable asking about things I didn’t know or understand, but that period didn’t last long. Two things helped me with that – my co-workers who were happy to help me, and my desire to gain new knowledge and improve my skills.

After this period, I faced a lot of new tasks which came one by one. Some of them weren’t that difficult, but others were a real challenge. Day after day, I began to deal with tasks on my own without asking my co-workers. New products came out, I started to use new tools for testing, and this is what drives me to continuously improve myself.

DM Smoothie Tuesday 2

Today, when I look back, I could say that I have learned a lot of things, but I will not, because I know how much more there is to learn, and it is just around the corner. A good sign for me that I am on the right path, as a young professional, is that my coworkers trust me and ask for my opinion.

I could mention many other things that helped me grow here at Documaster, but in this summary, I will just say that, Documaster is the perfect place to grow as a professional combined with a friendly environment and responsible people.

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