The Documaster Technology Stack

Dimitar Ouzounov Dimitar Ouzounov 27-Nov-2018 17:20:15

I recently realized that we have spent five years at Documaster researching and making technology work for so many customers, and yet, very few people outside the company know much about our technology stack. In this post, I will describe our stack and point out why we believe we made the right choices when it comes to technology – choices that not only make Documaster a superb product on its own but also a product that integrates nicely with various third-party applications.


10 easy steps to set up a new office... or at least how we did it

Georgi Vasilev 30-Jan-2018 10:27:04


It was in the middle of April when we gathered to discuss the need of a new office. We were 12 people situated in 3 apartments, yet it was a matter of time till we reached the capacity level that we’ve set – 17.

Fast forward to the middle of October - we were ready to move to a 600m2 floor in a proper office building. If I have to sum up the experience, I would come to these 10 steps:


In preparation for the big event

Ina Kamenova Ina Kamenova 30-Nov-2017 16:30:46


14th of September 2017, 13:00, Sofia, Bulgaria

Okay, the bus is here.

  • Luggage - check.
  • Food and refreshments for the bus - check.
  • Gifts for everyone: backpacks, T-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, notebooks, the list goes on... - check.

We need to get to the airport and wait for our colleagues arriving from Norway (Ålesund and Oslo) and the US (Miami).


The internship (part 2)

Dimitar Kumanov Dimitar Kumanov 29-Sep-2017 10:03:47

When I started at Documaster in the summer of 2017, this was already my third internship experience. I felt confident and relaxed working at an office from 9 to 6. I thought that this experience wouldn’t differ significantly from what I have already been through. To my amazement, I was quickly proven wrong on multiple occasions.


The Internship (part 1)

Martin Nestorov Martin Nestorov 19-Sep-2017 15:50:40

Summer was approaching. I was not planning on going to a Work & Travel program so, like any other student in my position, I was looking for activities to fill my spare time. Making an internship where I could work and learn at the same time was my top priority and luckily I am here to share with you what happened to be a great experience.


On data archaeology and how to prevent a "Digital Dark Age"

Ivan Sartonev Ivan Sartonev 10-Aug-2017 15:39:53

Have you considered the fact that future generations might have little to no record of the 21st century? It sounds kind of dramatic but the threat of not being able to access obsolete digital data is very real.


To the top

Orlin Nikolov Orlin Nikolov 27-Jul-2017 08:43:44

I got into climbing by accident. I was a university freshman and wanted to join the varsity gymnastics team. It turned out there wasn't one and someone suggested that I try climbing instead. Best advice ever (in sports aspect that is).


{female developer?}

Silvia Tzeneva Silvia Tzeneva 14-Jul-2017 13:57:18

I am at home, browsing the internet. I read that George Clooney has been cast for the Wonder Woman role. I start to realize I am part of a minority here, struggling to get what I deserve in a biased world...


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