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Forskningsetiske Komiteer & Documaster

De nasjonale forskningsetiske komiteer (FEK) needed an easy to use solution for digital archiving

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Ringerike Kommune & Documaster

Ringerike needed an independent archive solution compliant with NOARK 5 to help drive their digitisation efforts

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Bama & Documaster

To increase availability and security, Bama wanted to digitise their paper-based archives. Working closely with Bama, Documaster have digitised approximately 8000 personnel files, storing them with standard meta data to ensure reuse and promote easy access.


Sarpsborg kommune & Documaster

Sarpsborg municipality is the initial phase of its digitisation strategy. Documaster is helping Sarpsborg - along with several other municipalities - get all their relevant records and documentation integrated and archived in our NOARK 5 compliant archive.


Trondheim Kommune & Documaster

The city of Trondheim - one of Documasters first customers - were a part of product our development cycle while digitising historical applications for building permits. Today, we work together on different projects such as decommissioning and historical archiving.



Stjørdal kommune & Documaster

"Documaster has a customer and user-driven product development process. They listen to us and develop what we actually need. The combination of new technology, detailed knowledge about archiving and their open API strategy is the reason we want to integrate and archive records from all our data sources into Documaster's independent archive."  Nina Fossbakken, Manager Archive in Stjørdal


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