The Office Smoothie movement when ideas meet action

The Office Smoothie movement: When ideas meet action

21-Jun-2019 08:43:10

It sounds like something very simple and super easy to do: inspire colleagues to try out smoothies as an alternative breakfast. And don't get me wrong: I'm not an all-healthy, clean eating maniac, I eat a lot of things, including junk, but I enjoy trying out alternatives and I believe that balanced eating is valuable for my body. That's why I was very glad to learn that my colleagues have invited a lady to the office to demonstrate practical and balanced alternatives and discuss healthy eating myths. One of the things we prepared during the workshop was a smoothie and here was my moment: I announced the Office Smoothie Tuesday! Next week, I brought my own blender to the office, just to get things started. Naturally, there were not so many enthusiasts and some colleagues looked very suspiciously at me when I offered to make them a smoothie. And this is all natural - change is not easy. Plus, I'm new to the company and I cannot expect everyone to share my enthusiasm immediately, it takes time. So I asked around a few more days - again some were willing to try and we discussed recipes, others kept rejecting the idea.

At this point I thought I shouldn't push it anymore and just leave the idea. Not for any other reason but because I had this idea long before joining, I have imagined it so many times and I was so happy when the moment came and I shared it with the team. My excitement kept growing when I mixed the first batch of smoothies just to find out that it's not how I imagined it. That's the issue with expectations, right? So I decided that perseverance is the key.

Gladly, I had a partner in crime - my HR colleague got a blender for the office and even ordered some fruits and nut milks to encourage my experiments. Next, we discuss ideas with a colleague and he shared that his kid is not a big fan of fruits and he will try fixing him a smoothie. The day after that, he shared that the kid loves the smoothies and said "Thanks for the idea"! And here is me, writing this story and being moved by something so small but so important to me! Now it doesn't matter whether more people in the office will gather for Smoothie Tuesday or not - it's enough that I have the chance to mix the breakfast I enjoy and that 1 kid enjoys fruits more often now.

P.S. there is a bonus, though, I heard someone using the blender 2 times while I was writing this post :) the Office Smoothie movement is starting. What will be the next wellness thing we'll try in the office is yet a mystery. What is the one small thing you can do to have more energy at work and at home?

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