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Would you like an easy-to-use, intuitive and effective system that could handle the complexity of all your technical documentation?

Whether you're an engineer in the field or a manager in the office, having an efficient way of storing, managing and retrieving files is critical for your business.

Documaster gives you the overview and the ability to control your documentation related to projects and company assets, such as buildings, vessels and infrastructure.

Our system is new, fast and simpler: Making technical documentation and project archiving a seamless experience.

  • Quickly look up all files you have on a given project
  • Filter by document type, company asset, or any other label you want
  • Integration with existing tools
  • Mobile friendly solution - upload files on location
  • Compile your entire project documentation into one structured, secure and sleek document management system
  • Advanced metadata for high quality classification
  • Administer user permission and access among all employees

Powerful, yet refreshingly simple.

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