Job title

Infrastructure Engineer

Oslo, Norway

Job description

We are looking for a senior infrastructure engineer to join our product team. At Documaster you will experience the flexibility, freedom, and speed of a young company.

Who are we looking for? 
The person we are looking for is someone who:  

  • Enjoys working in a small team with people from different disciplines 
  • Loves working on products (not projects) 
  • Has experience building and managing modern cloud infrastructure
  • Works well as a team member and favours collaboration over solo work 
  • Is fluent writing and speaking in English 
  • Can help us in our next stage, which includes scaling the product and the infrastructure internationally 

Our current backend uses Java supplemented with Solr, PostgreSQL and Node.js. The user facing application is written in React.

What is it like to work at Documaster

Documaster is a young company with an ambitious goal. At the same time we are really dedicated to work/life balance and people working here enjoying themselves.

  • You will be working in a small product development team of engineers, a product manager, UX people, sales, and customer success.
  • The team is autonomous and make their own decisions on the product, technology and how we work.
  • We value transparency and people’s opinions.
  • We are curious and comfortable being open about making mistakes.
  • People in the team work mostly remotely these days, and we also have an office where we meet when convenient.
  • We focus on the outcome of what we do together, not on output or individual performance.

What you will be doing at Documaster

  • Work in a team and define a new infrastructure setup that will help scale Documaster internationally
  • Contribute to areas you are passionate about, be it technology and architecture, product and design, process, or how a good life at work should be
  • Contributing to making work fun & interesting.

Your first days at Documaster

This is what we think your first period at Documaster will look like

The first week

  • You get to meet the lovely people you will be working with
  • You will get a side kick who is there to help you settle in
  • We will introduce you to our vision and way of working.
  • This first week is about soaking up the atmosphere, unboxing your new laptop and taking it slow

After a few months

  • You will be well on the way to creating our next generation infrastructure
  • You will be working closely with the team to improve the product, ways of working and having fun
  • You have already found some areas where we can improve and have made suggestions on how to implement them.

Our interview process

Our interview process is straight forward. We want you to find out whether Documaster will be a good place for you to work. In exchange, we will try to understand if you are a good match for us.

  1. The first step is a quick chat, usually via video, so you get to know a bit more about us and the company
  2. The second step is to provide us with examples of the work you have done so far. We will also ask you to complete a few tasks so that you can demonstrate how you approach technical challenges. The tasks you are given you will be able to solve in your own time
  3. We will then schedule a meeting where you get to explain how you have solved the task’s we have provided you.
  4. The last step is a meet and greet with some of the senior people at Documaster to learn more about the company you are joining.

More about the benefits of working at Documaster

Documaster is no longer a start-up. It is beyond that point of uncertainty and chaos. The company has customers and growth. Now it is about a steady pace (to win the race). At the same time, we are still small and everyone matters. It is not a corporate environment with daunting reporting lines and committees. We believe in empowered teams that can move fast. With that foundation we are ready to take Documaster international.

We will go through all other benefits and perks of working at Documaster when we talk together during the interview process.

By applying for this position, you willingly provide Documaster AS with the following data in your resume: names, address, phone number, professional background and experience, education, additional certifications, qualifications and others for the purposes of the recruitment process for this position.

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