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BBL Pivotal

The key question for BBL when deciding on becoming a technology partner of Documaster wasHow can we provide our users with a documentation storage that they will enjoy and use?

Use case: BBL Digital as technology partner

Stay focused

Our goal is to have the best product to support the needs for our housing cooperative companies, our strategy is therefore to focus on core functionality, and buy "best of breed" solutions in specific areas like Document Management. Documaster has created a fantastic solution that will benefit our users.

Trond Ove Breivik, CEO of BBL Pivotal.
Implementation made simple

Implementation made simple

Over 60,000 board members will gain better control with document management from Documaster in BBL Pivotal’s Portal of Digital Services. The implementation takes place in several phases, and the first phase has now been completed. The old document management solution has been replaced with Documaster as the backend. During the summer, Documaster's user interface will also be available to the board members of the 10,500 housing cooperatives in the BBL portfolio.

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Better control

BBL wants to help members of the boards in the housing teams so that they always have control on their documentation. By collecting everything in Documaster, situations where it is up to the board where to store documentation will be avoided. It used to be common for documents to be scattered around between storage in the chairman of the boards’ home, in Dropbox, in Microsoft Teams, and other places.


With Documaster, BBL Pivotal makes it easier for users to gather all documentation in one place and with the right access to its members.


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Better control

Collaboration with Documaster

The collaboration with Documaster has exceeded all expectations, says Trond. Collaboration has been good all the way, and he highlights Documaster's flexibility in the project. The balance between flexibility, and a solid, structured approach has helped us not to "take on too much” in this project. It has never been necessary to go back and look at the agreement during the project so far, and and that is not common in such complex collaborations. 


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Collaboration with Documaster

Full stack

Documaster is used as backend for storing documentation from BBL Pivotal’s service portal. Documaster is also used as frontend for storage and retrieval of documentation for all the 60.000 users in the 10.000 housing cooperatives.

BBL Pivotal leveragethe full stack of Documaster technology. BBL Pivotal hosts their service portal in their own infrastructure and communicates with Documaster’s API through a secured network to Documaster’s infrastructure. The Documaster frontend is used by the 60.000 users directly from Documaster´s infrastructure. 

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BBL Pivotal leverages the full stack of Documaster

Legacy system

The documentation previously stored in the legacy system for documentation at BBL Pivotal was migrated to Documaster. This operation was done by the Documaster data migration team. 

Legacy data is migrated to Documaster

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