As IT estates, business processes, and individual workflows grow ever more complex, so does the challenge of effective archiving. With many different systems producing huge amounts of data, it’s increasingly difficult to ensure no important information slips through the cracks.

At Documaster, our open API harvests valuable data across all your business systems automatically, completely removing the burden of archiving from the user. By removing the possibility for human error, the quality and consistency of archiving improves dramatically, and your employees are freed up to focus on their core responsibilities.

Once harvested, all your documents and files are stored in a single, central repository – your secure Documaster Archive

Control of your data

Siloed business systems all too often mean important data is lost or isolated. With Documaster, all your records are stored in a single, central archive, automatically classified for easy retrieval and reuse. You’re also able to export your data in any format at any time.


Ultimate Flexibility

For many businesses, legacy systems must be maintained long after they’ve ceased to be of use due to the important information they contain. This not only clutters the IT estate, it’s also expensive and confusing. With Documaster, all your records are stored centrally, leaving you free to upgrade your other business systems whenever you need to, without worrying about what happens to your data.


Protection from data loss and compliance breaches. Documaster Archive is highly secure and can be configured to meet a comprehensive range of industry standard archiving policies. Store your most valuable assets from operational systems in a dedicated and secure repository for long-term peace of mind.

Key features

Open APIs

Rich, open, and well documented APIs facilitate straight forward systems integration. We even publish our code libraries at GitHub and Nuget to help your developers get to work as fast and accurately as possible 

Out-of-the box integrations

Multiple Out-of-the box integrations and connectivity options like MS Office 365, Box, Gsuite in addition to a wide range of business systems.

Seamless Office 365 Archiving

One click archiving and classification of e-mails and documents directly from MS office 365 applications

Bulk imports                

Mass-import of data and files from Databases, File Systems and other repositories.

Folder import & archiving

Archive documents and entire folders directly from the file and folder system in order to protect valuable information.

Data validation

Auto-validation of data to ensure compliance with regulatory compliance standards.

Realtime auto classification

Realtime AI based auto-classification engine for simplified and cost-efficient archiving.

Silent Archiving

Documaster enabling automated archiving and indexing routines without any manual effort no matter where the data are created or stored.

Realtime indexing

In addition to structured index metadata, Documaster creates a full-text record of all content for precise, customizable search queries within seconds

Data enrichment

Import data from other multiple sources to enrich metadata to ensure consistent taxonomy.

Scan and classify

Connect Documaster with scanning hardware to capture and classify paper documents 

Barcode recognition

Documaster recognizes QR codes, reads them and uses the information for document indexing.

Scheduled data imports

Live or scheduled data import from netwotk drives and line-of-business applications