Knutsen OAS Shipping has chosen Documaster

“We needed an easy-to-use, intuitive and effective system that could handle the complexity of a large
amount of documentation and it's metadata. Having in mind these characteristics, we chose Documaster."

Irina Ispasoiu
Project administrator for Martin Linge project

Technical documentation for the FSO "Hanne Knutsen"

Knutsen OAS Shipping has chosen Documaster to manage the documentation of their brand new FSO (Floating Storage Offloading) "Hanne Knutsen". For those that are not into the technical terms, a "FSO" is a floating vessel used by the offshore oil and gas industry for the extraction and processing of oil at sea. Obviously, this is as demanding as it gets when it comes to documentation management.

Here is what Irina Ispasoiu, project administrator for Martin Linge says :

In general, the documentation for a vessel conversion, in this case a FSO, requires a lot of administration due to its particularity (ie: many revisions) and the large number of parties involved.

The document control team used four different systems to manage the documentation volumes. For the final documentation, the project needed a centralized solution that could easily integrate the previous tools. We looked at different solutions and chose Documaster since the solution was found to be easy to implement and use.

Documaster have a team of specialists in classification and user experience, open to challenges and capable of offering advice / support that is grounded in the understanding of client’s business. Together we have developed a fit-for-purpose solution that was implemented in a relative short period of time, capturing the projects’ basic needs and bringing new ideas into the picture. 

Documaster's product, with all its intuitive features, was a valuable tool for our users immediately after rollout.

The level of user training was kept at a minimum and Documaster was so easy to use that we decided not to introduce any user manuals. This saved us a considerable amount of time and strengthened our users’ confidence in the solution.”

Irina Ispasoiu, Project administrator for Martin Linge project

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