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Documaster narrative

In 2014, surrounded by mountains and fjords, our founders created an independent and scalable automated archiving solution with the power to free siloed data and preserve information for the future. It was accessible, appealing and enduring – just like Norway’s pristine landscape.

Today, many organisations find effective archiving to be a real challenge. Tools and policies can be highly complex, and responsibility for the process typically lies with employees who aren’t sure exactly what should be archived in the first place. Shared file folders exist in a state of perpetual chaos, and cloud folders often don’t scale as planned.

Information that does make it into the archive ends up in the equivalent of a knowledge graveyard, untouched and forgotten in silos or expensive legacy systems.

The end result is simple: valuable knowledge is lost.

We believe this situation will only get worse. The sheer volume of data companies use is increasing exponentially, and as the number of business process-specific systems offered to market grows, data becomes ever more fragmented.

In tandem with increasing data volumes, information governance problems multiply – where is information stored and who can access it? What data should be decommissioned and when? What information should be preserved?

We founded Documaster to solve these problems and more, developing intelligent, easy to use software that not only simplifies archiving through automation, it also helps businesses harness the potential of the knowledge stored in their archives.

Our people have diverse skillsets across design, IT and archiving. Together, we form a multidisciplinary team with a single-minded mission to develop state-of-the-art software and a world class user experience.

We’ve gone to great lengths to make our product as smart as possible, so there’s no need for your employees to spend time deciding what to archive while grappling with complex tools. With Documaster, archiving takes place entirely in the background – a seamless, automated process that saves man-hours and frees up employees to do the jobs you hired them for. At the same time, human errors are completely eradicated, dramatically improving the quality of your archive in a stroke.

You can harvest records across all your business systems automatically, storing them according to your own unique compliance policies, or to predefined industry standards. Documaster gives you the ability to transform your archives from the passive storage areas of the past into powerful, living assets capable of offering up valuable, relevant information the moment its needed. As a result, knowledge that might once have been lost is reused, improving the quality of information your business needs now.

Documaster was born into the API economy with a service-oriented mindset. We understand that archiving represents a highly specialised piece of a much larger puzzle, which is why our code libraries are published open source to help your developers with their integration code.

Working together should be easy, and we take great pride in making that ideal a reality.

Unlike traditional Enterprise Content Management vendors, we’re a product development company with predictable subscription fees and no hidden costs or inflated consultancy rates. Our SaaS agreements ensure that all our customers, both on-premises and in the cloud, are on the latest version of our software.

Ultimately, we truly care about the measurable impact our products have on your organisation. That’s why we’re focused on offering you the world’s best archiving solution – one that has the power to fundamentally change the way your business benefits from the knowledge you’ve work so hard to create.