Ringerike wanted an independent digital archive solution


"From early on, Ringerike wanted an independent digital archive instance in our secure zone.To meet requirements for digitalization, we needed a Noark5-compliant solution.Documaster, with its independent Noark5-approved digital archive, is the only vendor proactively collaborating with other system vendors, and in addition has a history of actually implementing connections to their systems. That is why Documaster won.”
Torkjell Dahl
manager of the IT department
of Ringerike Municipality

Solution Ringerike

Ringerike har en løsning i åpen sone og en i lukket osv
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In order to truly start the digitalization process in the municipality, Ringerike needed an archive body in a closed-off zone. The municipality has an electronically approved case and archive system in an open zone, but there were still many documents in the various niche systems that could not be archived there. They hence seeked a separate archive body in a closed-off zone.

Various Niche Systems

We have a variety of niche systems and case managements in the municipality where the municipality does paper archiving because the niche system itself does not fulfill the standard for archiving. Among the niche systems are child care, social security, health and care services. There are additional fields with no niche system that are in the process of discontinuing paper archiving for their services, such as intermunicipal emergency wards and the lawyer of the municipality.

Simple System

Vi needed an archive body in a closed-off zone which ensured that all information was stored electronically in an approved manner, and which was not accessible for others than those handling the documents (need to know). It can be challenging to get the organization to understand the requirement for archiving and what material is worth archiving. For this reason it is important to have a simple system for storage. Ringerike was quick to aspire to one single archive body for a closed-off zone. In order to fulfill the requirements for digitalizing, one needs good solutions that are in accordance with the law.

Free-standing Body

Documaster has a free-standing body that is NOARK 5 approved and is very proactive towards other suppliers in order to be able to offer multiple sources in their body. This is why Documaster won in competition against the other archive bodies, says Torkjell Dahl, manager of the IT department in Ringerike Municipality. We have multiple system suppliers in our municipality, but they only support their own products and do not open up to other systems, he continues. We hence chose Documaster as they have a separate archive in a closed-off zone.