Give your product the document management module it deserves!

We will improve the document management capabilities of your product. 





Meet your customers' expectations. 

Today's customers expect complex, but user-friendly document management capabilities. We ensure you have the best capabilities available in your product to meet the needs of your customers. 

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Focus your development capacity on what really matters

Documaster's sole focus is Document Management. Prioritize your teams' time to develop the other fantastic features your customers will love. 


Flexible implementation

Integrate Documaster as a document management module in your existing software in one of the following ways: 

  • Use the Documaster API and leverage Documaster as your backend. Bring your own frontend.
  • Use the full stack of Documaster and leverage both our ready-to-use frontend application well as the Documaster API with backend.
  • Combine the alternatives.
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Use Documaster's cloud infrastructure or bring your own. 

All of this comes with the option for white labeling, but the most common thing is to label the offering with a "powered by Documaster".


Our Partners

See how we have helped our partners elevate their offering.

BBL Digital
BBL Digital leverages the full stack of Documaster technology. They hosts their service portal in their own infrastructure and communicates with Documaster’s API through a secured network to Documaster’s infrastructure.
When Agrando decided to create a new, cloud-based generation of their case handling software, they needed a backend that supported the Noark 5 standard, and they wanted to focus their development resources on user friendly process support in their case handling frontend.
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Documaster is trusted by more than 250 customers handling the most sensitive documentation you can imagine. 3rd party security companies regularly test the technical security of Documaster, and Documaster has passed comprehensive risk analysis and customer audits.