Use case for telco infrastructure: Telia Norway

"Documaster will change our way of working with documentation. No more messy folders and complex folder hierarchies; in Documaster we use tagging, indexing,  filtering and search to find what we are looking for. "

Jørgen Eek Aarstad, Manager Site Infra & Support Telia Norway

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All in one place

Telia Norway wanted a long-term solution to handle all their documentation.
They needed a system that was easy to use, and gathered all their documentation in one place.  Like many other companies Telia Norway had their documentation spread across different business systems.

Exactly what we were looking for 

Documaster’s solution was exactly what we were looking for. Before we met Documaster, we had pictured exactly this kind of  system in our minds. Easy to use, all documentation in one place and excellent search functionality."

Jørgen Eek Aarstad, Manager Site Infra & Support Telia Norwayr

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Automates processes

Documaster has developed functionality that ensures that we get all the  documentation we need for each site. This automates our processes and makes us more efficient. It makes it easy for us to control that our entrepreneurs have delivered the required documentation."

Jørgen Eek Aarstad, Manager Site Infra & Support Telia Norway


Easily restrict access to only those that should have it. Rest assured Documaster comes with the highest level of security for storing sensitive information.

Keep existing tools

Integrate Documaster with existing business systems to get a next generation tool for organizing documentation, while continue using what you have, be it Tarantula for site management planning and other roll out tools.

Stay organized

Documaster has a simple yet powerful classification model developed by classification experts with the sole purpose of organizing documentation better than what's possible with e.g. simple folder systems.

Capture emails

Use Documaster addins to store important emails regarding a site, directly from Outlook with a single click.

Version control

Version control, and fast, easy access ensures engineers are basing their decisions on the correct information.

Historic data

Don’t worry about your existing data when switching to Documaster: Let our migration team move the historical data into Documaster.

Simple, yet powerful


Documaster centralizes, organizes and gives a complete picture of the documentation of sites,
be it photos, “as built” documentation or landlord contracts.

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