Job title

Junior Project Manager

Sofia, Bulgaria

Job description

We are currently looking for a Junior Project Manager with excellent proficiency in English to join our growing migrations team, which is responsible for the migration of data from various business systems into one of Documaster’s products.

As a Junior PM in our company, you will be working in an international environment and will be involved in the development and coordination of a highly motivated team, while balancing numerous priorities on a daily basis. Your main responsibility will be to act as a bridge between the migrations team, located in Bulgaria and the delivery team, located in Norway. As part of your daily work you will need to ensure that:

  • tasks, priorities, and progress are communicated with all involved teams, and blockers are resolved;
  • information flows smoothly throughout the migrations process;
  • all stakeholders are well aware of the state of affairs;
  • planning, execution, monitoring and closure of migrations are well aligned with both the delivery team in Norway and the migrations team in Sofia;
  • an agile flavor is well blended into each migration initiative;
  • any alterations and possible issues are discussed as soon as they appear (or where possible - before they appear, so they can be prevented);
  • the migrations team is working on the priority projects for the company at any given point of time.

You will be acting as that special glue that empowers and supports the team in being informed, productive and focused throughout the project delivery journey.

You will need to facilitate regular stand-up meetings for the teams, relevant status meetings for the different projects and, where necessary, trigger ad-hoc discussions, making sure that the most relevant participants are invited. Regular documentation (short project plans and status reports along with meeting notes and lessons learned) needs to be in place.

Your journey in Documaster will be supported by a friendly and seasoned project manager, based in Sofia.

As part of your work, you will have the chance to participate in the fascinating evolution of an energetic startup into a bigger organization by proposing, establishing, and enforcing work and organizational processes for the development unit of the company. You will not be alone in those efforts as everyone involved will support you. Having a good rapport and mutual respect with the development team is an absolute must and a looked-for quality if you would like to be part of our exciting company.

If the described position sparks your interest and you think you have some experience that might translate well into the above-mentioned responsibilities, you should get in touch with us right away.

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We love seeing motivated and satisfied people in the office every day. If you are the right match for our team we will surely offer you a competitive salary. On top of that, we have a stock options plan, a flexible benefits package tailored to your needs, and offer free training and certification programs. There are more goodies but we would like to keep them as pleasant surprises.

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