Data decommissioning and extraction of documentation from legacy systems.


As companies grow and change over time, so do their business processes and the systems that support them. As a result, the IT estate can become fragmented, with important documentation held in many different locations.

Over time, some of these systems may no longer be required, either because their end of life, or because the workflows they support have changed. Having said that, the problem is that the information these systems contain must be preserved.

By extracting data from these legacy systems, you are able to retire the expensive hardware and applications that support them, without losing access to the valuable knowledge they hold.

Documaster can help you decommission your systems, or you can take advantage of our unique Decom tool and do it yourself.

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Product features

Unlock valuable information

Export data from outdated systems in an easily-consumable, international format

Build and share templates

Build and share templates for mapping of data to other systems - A set of templates for describing the data structure (AIP) - A set of templates for browsing and searching historical data (DIP) 

Look to the future

Long-term preservation of data in accordance with ISO 19005, regardless of the source system

Forward-thinking formats

Converts files to PDF/A for long-term preservation 

Powerful navigation

Advanced archive. Search directly in Documaster Archive

We can help you decommission your systems or you can use our unique tool for decom, and do it yourself.

Documaster Decom is an efficient tool that simplifies the mapping, migration, and conversion of data in your legacy archives based on SIARD and ADDML.