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About Documaster

About us

To look forward, you also need to understand your past. That's why we're so passionate about document management. By embracing new technology and focusing on simplicity, we’ve built a service that secures valuable assets for companies, institutions and governments. Important documents and data will always exist, in fact we’re piling up more and more as time moves on. Losing valuable data will hurt your daily business. Badly. So that’s why we’re doing our best to build a secure document management tool that is future proof.

Get organized

Many organisations find effective document management to be a real challenge. Traditional shared file folders exist in a state of perpetual chaos, and cloud folders often don’t scale as planned. Documaster provides a tool for you to get organized. Documents get structured and data becomes accessible and reusable.

Get organized with an effective document management software


We are a team of 120 colleagues with offices in Sofia, Stockholm, London, Ålesund, Trondheim and Oslo. We are passionate about what we do, and our clients say we are pleasant to work with, that we really care, and that we are true nerds of our disciplines. We take that as a compliment. We are an energetic, dedicated team that works hard to create the best experience for our customers

Our culture

Meet our Team

Anders Johnsen CEO
Anders Johnsen
Waqas Azeem CFO
Waqas Azeem
Simen Sandberg COO
Simen Sandberg
Dimitar Ouzounoz CTO
Dimitar Ouzounov
Georgi Vasilev, Country Manager
Georgi Vasilev
Country Manager Bulgaria
Ina Kamenova
Ina Kamenova
HR Manager
Arnstein Teigene
Arnstein Teigene
Head of Product- Private Sector
Tom Erik Falkevik
Tom Erik Falkevik
Head of Product- Public Sector
Lena Riis
Lene Diesen
Lene Diesen
Kari Tavendale
VP Strategic Partnerships
Christian Lundvang, Founder
Christian Lundvang

Meet our Board

Ivar Kroghrud
Chairman of the Board
Yngve Tvedt
Member of the Board
Jeanette Anttila
Jeanette Anttila
Member of the Board
Gisle Gluck Evensen
Member of the Board

Get organized.

It is easier when all your documentation is under control. Contact us for a demo.

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