Documaster Invoicing Requirements

How to send invoices to Documaster ASA

Documaster ASA preferred way of invoicing is EHF (elektronisk handelsfaktura) EHF is efficient for you as a supplier as well as for Documaster ASA. All invoices shall be sent to our accounting unit on the invoice address stated below or by EHF invoicing the MVA number below 
Documaster ASA MVA (Organisation/EHF) number: 995 475 383 
Documaster AB VAT Number (Organisation/E-invoice) number: 559127-9855 
Documaster ASA (Norway) invoicing email:  
Documaster AB (Sweden) invoicing email: 

*Note: Invoices sent by email need to have the invoice attached as a PDF and not as a link to open the invoice 

Invoices are not to be sent to the personal email of the person who has ordered the products or services. 

Invoicing details required by Norwegian law 

  • Necessary bank information in order to execute a payment 
  • Bank Account number (Domestic)
  • IBAN (International) 
  • Bank account name 
  • Swift/BIC code
  • Invoice date
  • Suppliers name and organisation number (if domestic)
  • Buyer's name and address or organisation number
  • A clear description of the product or service
  • Time and place of delivery of the product or service
  • Price with VAT/MVA specified (if domestic)
  • Total price, in NOK, EUR, SEK, DKK, GBP or USD
  • Due date
  • Invoice Number 

Invoices to Documaster ASA must also include: 

  • Email address to supplier contact 
  • Reference to which employee in Documaster ASA has ordered the product or service 
  • Invoices shall not be made in handwriting or include manual alterations. 
  • Invoices shall have no less than 14 days due date, unless specifically negotiated otherwise