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From unstructured data scattered across multiple systems to structured information accessible from a single place

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An ever-evolving suite of add-ons and applications

We offer a number of add-ons that can tailor Documaster to the specific needs of your organization. In addition, we have developed several applications that help you connect various other platforms to Documaster.

Documaster Archive

Provides basic archiving and search functionality for your organization’s most valuable records

Documaster Digitization 

Supports Documaster Archive with the digitization and disposal of paper-based archives

Uses powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to enhance the searchability of your documents and converts them to a file format suitable for long-term preservation

Documaster Technical Archive (Byggesak)

Supports Documaster Archive with the digitization of paper-based construction application and permit records

Is fully integrated with Matrikkelen, the official Norwegian property registry

Automated Categorization

Supports Documaster Archive with the automatic categorization of your records

Documaster Insight

Analyzes your organization’s records and makes it easy to find previously unknown relationships between them, thus increasing the overall value of your archive

Provides an intuitive user interface for analyzing your archive and generating various kinds of reports

Microsoft Office Add-In

Archives documents from the Microsoft Office suite of products

Microsoft Sharepoint Add-In

Archives sites and documents from Microsoft Sharepoint

Apple Mail Plugin

Archives emails and attachments from Apple Mail


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