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No records left behind. Through plug-ins Documaster auto-capture ALL critical business records no matter where they are created or stored.

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An ever-evolving suite of plugins and features

Documaster offers several standard applications and plugins tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We offer our platform with a flexible API allowing us to integrate with most Business systems.

Documaster Information management platform
Documaster information management platform is a flexible, affordable, and easy to deploy data repository and archiving solution that comes with all the features that makes up for good information governance.

The platform can utilize a wide range of standard Documaster plugins and to suit most needs and comes with rich APIs for simple system integrations.
The platform supports a wide range of compliance standards.

Standard plugins and extensions

  • Documaster Digitization
    Digitization and disposal of paper-based archives.

  • Documaster Automation (beta)
    Utilize AI for automatic capture, categorization and classification of records.

  • Documaster Insight (beta)
    Turn data into insight through a user-friendly visual user interface.

  • Microsoft Office Plugin
    Archives documents from the Microsoft Office suite of products.

  • Google Suite Plugin
    Archives documents from the Google Suite of products.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Plugin
    Archives sites and documents from Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Salesforce Plugin
    Archives records and documents from Salesforce.

  • Documaster Technical Archive
    Digitization and disposal of technical paper-based archives.

Professional services

  • Documaster Decommissioning
    Data decommissioning and extraction from legacy systems.

  • Documaster SIARD™
    Data decommissioning, extraction and enhancement from legacy systems based on the SIARD™ standard.

  • Consultancy
    Advisory, project management, training

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